Chelsea Fontenel - THE VOICE OF HOPE

Chelsea Fontenel - THE VOICE OF HOPE
Spendenziel:  CHF 20'000.00
Gesammelt:  CHF 2'010.00
Eine Spendenseite von Cabie Fontenel
End-Datum: 31.12.2020
My name is Chelsea and I am 13 years old from Switzerland with Caribbean roots. I feel very blessed to be attending a good school, to be raised in a loving home and to pursue my dream of becoming the first singing-tennis player. Having such privileges, my parents have made me very aware of the painful situations of kids dying of starvation, being parentless and to lose everything.
I was very emotional when I saw my dad crying after watching the News on TV how children are suffering. I asked daddy: Why are you crying? He said: Come take a sit and I was shocked to see this disaster which really made me sad. Then I asked: What can we do? And Daddy replied: I really don't know. So I proposed to record my first song in order to generate funds which will now be donated to "UNICEF for Children" being a great and respected Organisation. I am honoured to work with them to better the lives of many kids.
I would like to encourage everyone to join hands with me for a common purpose. Together we can accomplish something great knowing that it is a special feeling to be loved and appreciated.
I kindly ask for your help on this project by purchasing my song on any online streaming (iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify). If you desire to support more, you can also donate right here any amount pleasing to you.
We are now living in a world where no place is safe enough and it could happen to anyone. When you are in such a situation and have lost it all, kind comforting words will just be blown away leaving you with 2 options - either walk away and turn a blind eye or lend a hand. Today, I want to be this helping hand and welcome everyone to join and be a part of this great cause knowing that "I am - You are - We are - The Voice Of Hope".

Spenderin / Spender

  • Patricia Muhlethaler, Mt Olive Tabernacle Ministries
  • Thomas Koemeter, Privatschule Lernpodium