Daniel Habshush
No distance is too great to save a child’s life!

The DIVAS Asset Management & Friends Team is thrilled to be part of UNICEF’s “Cycling for Children” event once again. A unique event that combines sports and fundraising in a creative way to support suffering children in war zones and regions struck by natural disasters.
Even small donations can have an enormous impact in many children’s life from Jemen to Mozambique.

What UNICEF can provide with:
CHF 35 Health centers with 5 warm baby blankets
CHF 40 Mosquito nets for 10 kids
CHF 60 Support a child suffering from severe malnutrition with therapeutic nutrition during 6 weeks and save a life
CHF 70 Immunization against polio for 120 kids
CHF 500 Emergency water kits for 35 families and gain access to clean and safe water
CHF 1200 3 Water pumps to establish clean and safe water in 3 schools

Please HELP ME to HELP THEM, because every donation does count!!!
Spendenziel:  CHF 2'000
Gesammelt:  6'283

Spenderin / Spender

  • Gadi Winter
  • Oriane Krebs
  • Patrick Hasler
  • Stephan Kiefer
  • Andrea Roner
  • Guido Schmid
  • Nico W
  • Michiel Wolderling, Wolderling Advisory
  • Martin Thuma
  • Nicola Thomet, Agilent-Group
  • samuel hofmann, citi
  • Vicktoria Livschitz, Vicktoria Livschitz Ltd
  • roman glaus
  • Orit Habshush
  • Edouard Fine
  • Elisabeth & Jan Auspurg, Auspurg