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Chelsea Fontenel - THE VOICE OF HOPE

Chelsea Fontenel - THE VOICE OF HOPE
Spendenziel:  CHF 20'000.00
Gesammelt:  CHF 210.00

Chelsea Fontenel - THE VOICE OF HOPE

My name is Chelsea and I am 13 years old from Switzerland with Caribbean roots. I feel very blessed to be attending a good school, to be raised in a loving home and to pursue my dream of becoming the first singing-tennis player. Having such privileges, my parents have made me very aware of the painful situations of kids dying of starvation, being parentless and to lose everything.
I was very emotional when I saw my dad crying after watching the News on TV how children are suffering. I asked daddy: Why are you crying? He said: Come take a sit and I was shocked to see this disaster which really made me sad. Then I asked: What can we do? And Daddy replied: I really don't know. So I proposed to record my first song in order to generate funds which will now be donated to "UNICEF for Children" being a great and respected Organisation. I am honoured to work with them to better the lives of many kids.
I would like to encourage everyone to join hands with me for a common purpose. Together we can accomplish something great knowing that it is a special feeling to be loved and appreciated.
I kindly ask for your help on this project by purchasing my song on any online streaming (iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify). If you desire to support more, you can also donate right here any amount pleasing to you.
We are now living in a world where no place is safe enough and it could happen to anyone. When you are in such a situation and have lost it all, kind comforting words will just be blown away leaving you with 2 options - either walk away and turn a blind eye or lend a hand. Today, I want to be this helping hand and welcome everyone to join and be a part of this great cause knowing that "I am - You are - We are - The Voice Of Hope".

Clean water should be accessible for all

Clean water should be accessible for all
Spendenziel:  CHF 250.00
Gesammelt:  CHF 147.85

Clean water should be accessible for all

Even if this donation won't help all the people who are suffering, we can at least help some of them. My wish is for everyone to be healthy so they have the strength to work as they wish and do what they want.

Bombing Birds

Bombing Birds
Spendenziel:  CHF 300.00
Gesammelt:  CHF 280.00

Bombing Birds

Hi it's Semra Januzi, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Switzerland (Albanian roots).By now I am still on my apprenticeship and I feel very fortunate to do what many people wish for but can't because of their living conditions.Since I was a kid I dreamed of helping people because it always gave me satisfaction and just made me realize how blessed we actually are. And it made me want to work hard and build something big so some day I could change a little part of this broken world and I'm sure there are a lot of people with intentions like that.
So why shouldn't we start there ? Start small, but continue to grow as big as possible.

There are people (kids) who lose their parents and their family everyday because of people who can't control their hatred and potency. They get up to bombs, we get up to birdsongs.
Unfortunately we can't change the circumstance of their countries but we can make a change by giving them hope and a small part of the care they need to survive this disaster.

Imagine living somewhere where all you see is blood baths or hearing people screaming and bombs falling, not knowing if you will survive this day or you will get killed, raped or you starve. There are people (parents) who are going trough hell seeing their children going trough something like this, imagine yours. We get up and first of all we think oh I don't wanna go to work or I haven't slept enough but there are people not sleeping at all because of the horror the fear and the trauma. We are able to change a part of their lives for a tiny part of ours. Do something good for many people instead of buying new shoes. Life is a mirror, you get what you give.

Let us make a change and spread love, hope and kindness.

Donate as much as you want, but think of it, do you want new shoes or do you wanna give 5 kids their next dinner they otherwise wouldn't receive.
You will never regret a decision like this, because it's the most incredible feeling in the world and it will teach you some great life lessons.

March 15th I'll turn 18 and my biggest goal is to get these 300.- together. As I mentioned, all of us have to start small, I wish we could gather millions but I guess thats a goal I will go after I received this 300. ;)

Remember: Always dream big and work hard for your dreams, build a longer table not a taller fence. Be kind to one and other.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this. Join and be a part of something big and beautiful. - Miracles

Thank you even more for donating for people in need, I am sure they'll be very grateful and your heart will be very bright on days that matter.

Semra Januzi

Children`s right to education - DONATE NOW

Children`s right to education - DONATE NOW
Spendenziel:  CHF 400.00
Gesammelt:  CHF 90.00

Children`s right to education - DONATE NOW

Hi, my name is Mirella

Unfortunately not every child in the world has the opportunity to go to school.

I want to change that because every child has the right to enjoy education.

I hope that you will consider making this project possible with a generous and much appreciated donation. We owe it to all the children.
Thank you for your grateful support to UNICEF and the children we help. Your compassion enriches their lives in more ways than you'll ever know. I am very grateful for your support.

Yours faithfully
Mirella Rüegg