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«Give it all Challenge»: Which individual cyclist accumulates the greatest elevation gain?

Men: Martin Matthieu, 7710 m
Women: Elena Engelke, 5740 m
Junior boys: Louis Betrisey, 3084 m
Junior girls: Leoni Biele, 1028 m

«Team Challenge»: Which team accumulates the greatest elevation gain?

1. IATA, 45’210 m
2. STMicroelectronics, 37’954 m
3. LAVAUX Cycling Team, 34’952 m

«Kids Challenge»: Who rides the most laps on the kids’ route?

Boys 2005–2006: Federico Amhaji, 18 laps
Boys 2007–2008: Ethan Bonvin, 83 laps
Boys 2009–2010: Linus Brugger, 56 laps
Boys 2011–2013: Yans Brugger, 81 laps

Girls 2005–2006: Lily Le Gal, 13 laps
Girls 2007–2008: Nora Gioli, 22 laps
Girls 2009–2010: Heloise Zufferey, 27 laps
Girls 2011–2013: Davoine Tess, 22 laps

«Family Track Challenge»: Who rides the most laps on the family track?

Juniors: Simon Allenbach and Janet Gabin, 3 laps
Men: Clavien Guillaume, 7 laps
Women: Patricia Benedetto, 5 laps

«Best Fundraiser for Children»: Which individual rider and which team raises the most funds?


1. Tony Rominger
2. Bertrand Carrupt
3. Laurent Bouvier


1. Fondation Botnar
2. STMicroelectronics
3. IATA Cyclists

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