CYCLING FOR CHILDREN is a unique public cycling event organised in Switzerland in collaboration with Crans-Montana Tourism & Congress. The aim is to show commitment through sporting performance and creative fundraising to help children in need. Everyone sets their own targets. No mountain is too high to save a child’s life!

What to expect on the day

Imagine a better world for children. A world where every child has enough to eat, has access to clean drinking water and to health care. That is what you’ll be climbing the mountain for on your bike – on a shorter or a longer route. Maybe once, maybe several times. Your sporting efforts will be cheered on by a multitude of onlookers. All along the way, music, refreshments and massages. If you need to take a breather at some point, you’ll even find sun loungers along the route.

Children will have their own short cycle course, plus entertainment, so that even the youngest among us can have a fabulous day and get involved in helping children in need.

At the end, the total amount collected will be announced and the cyclists and fundraisers congratulated. The fact that no mountain is too high when it comes to saving a child’s life should also be fittingly celebrated in one of the many restaurants in Crans-Montana.

A challenge for everyone

Be it beginner, ambitious hobby cyclist or professional athlete – each participant sets their own goal. Within the 12-hour window on our event day, you can cycle our two beautiful rounds (of 15 km and 20 km respectively) that lead up to Col de Crans-Montana, as many times as you wish – or choose the easier family route in the village.

Our shared goal is to circle the world in 12 hours: 40,000 km for a better world for children.

  1. «Give it all Challenge»: Which individual cyclist accumulates the greatest elevation gain? (categories: men, women, junior boys, junior girls)
  2. «Everest in one Day Challenge»: Who can manage an elevation gain of 8,848 metres and cover a distance of 240 kilometres in 12 hours?
  3. «Team Challenge»: Which team accumulates the greatest elevation gain? (overall team value and average value per rider)
  4. «Kids Challenge»: Who rides the most laps on the kids’ route? (categories: girls aged 5–7, 8–9, 10–11, 12–13, boys aged 5–7, 8–9, 10–11, 12–13)
  5. «Family Track Challenge»: Who rides the most laps on the family track? (categories: girls aged <13 years, 14–17 years and boys aged <13 years, 14–17 years, Ladies, Men)    
  6. «Best Fundraiser for Children»: Which team and which individual rider raises the most funds?

Ride the Alps

CYCLING FOR CHILDREN is part of the event series «Ride the Alps». On selected dates, the roads leading over mountain passes will be reserved exclusively for cyclists – a bike ride without competition, but with lots of pleasure.

New in 2018
  • Additional route: a simple route in the village that is suitable for families and occasional riders of all ages.
  • An exclusive E-Bike start .
  • Additional attractions in the village: celebrities with photo and autograph sessions, activities, kids’ entertainment, a wide range of refreshments, «Speakers’ Corner» and much more.