Michael Gassner
Giving is a Cycle - we received from our parents and give to our children. Let's cycle to support the children, so that they may excel.
Total des dons à atteindre :  CHF 1'000
Total 1'360

Donatrice / Donateur

  • Ralf Kallmeier
  • Blake Goud
  • Erlangga W
  • Nicolas Walon, JSS
  • Manoj Kapur
  • Julia Lamb, Bank J. Safra Sarasin SA
  • alice brander
  • Nuran Çalışkan
  • Mona Atassi
  • Jean-Jacques Barrow
  • Theonna Crihan, J Safra Sarasin
  • rina maraachli, Bank J Safra Sarasin Ltd
  • Mona Ghafourianpour
  • Jean-Luc Roisin, BJSS
  • Croissants against donation for Colleagues, Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd.
  • Fares Mourad
  • Rupert Fryer, Bank J Safra Sarasin
  • Sara Bucaille, BJSS
  • leslie ameslon
  • Sunia Ali, Sunia Ali
  • Alexander Ressos, SingaporeICO.com